Trinity Church truly believes in the power of prayer.  Our prayer teams invite you to share your request so they may join with you in agreement as we seek God's will.  We love to hear praise reports too, so please include these as well.


We are experiencing unprecedented times in our nation. This is a call to all of Trinity Church to come together in prayer for our Land as it says in 2 Chronicals 7:14. To show you are praying in agreement with us, please sign the 7:14 Prayer Pledge and commit to praying every day at 7:14am and 7:14pm or any other time that works best for you, so that we can pray for our nation, community, church and each other.  Here are specific areas for us to pray over:

- Health for all
- Family relationships
- Leaders
- Plans for groups after Covid 19 restrictions have lifted (post stay at home orders)
- Belong groups
- Trinity Elders
- Pastor Rollie and Annette
- Essential workers and other frontline people
       2020-2021 Plans
- Schools
- Our government officials: President Trump, Governor Inslee, state and federal legislatures, county and city officials.
- Financial protection: businesses, individuals, the church, missionaries
       Opportunities to be Christ as individuals and the church
- For God to be glorified during this time of turmoil
- A multi-generational church
- Unity in the church
- Racial Reconciliation
- Peace for our cities and nation

Please agree with us to pray by clicking the  7:14 Prayer Pledge and your name will be added to the list below.

Thank you to the following who have signed up for the 7:14 Prayer Pledge!!
Rollie Simmons
Annette Simmons
Jason Nolan
Aimee Nolan
Betsy Allen
Cesar Felizardo
Gwen Felizardo
Jafet Rodriguez
Yolanda Rodriguez
Marge Shatto
Julynn Simmons
Gloria Weber
Pat Holden
Chuck Hushek
Niccole Riddle
Connie Zuniga
Betty Larson
Judy Gillmer


Donald Boe
Kati Boe
Tom Ossinger
Norm Shadlow
Ty Shadlow
Bek De Monnin
Lois Foster
Jerry Glaser
Pam Glaser
Teresa Brower
Wendy Kittleson
Becky Allen
Steve Allen
Keitha Cornutt
Leslie Smith
Terra Dingane
Vic Langel
Pam Langel
Jen White
Faith Wolbert
Kathy Farr
Bob James
Joyce James
Jo Young
Evan Brooks
Samantha Brooks
Scott Bramhall
Cindy Bramhall
Mary Colgan
Maggy Delaney
Michael J. Rousseau
Layne K. Rousseau