trumpets of christ international, thailand

Mailing Address

P O Box 6

Mae Ai, Chiang Mai

Thailand 50280

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TCI was formed in 1992 for the purpose of reaching the Shan people of South East Asia. The Shan are listed as one of the largest unreached people groups in the world and are predominantly Buddhist or spirit worshippers. Until 1996 the Shan people were under the control and influence of an opium warlord who abused them and kept them isolated from outsiders.

In March of 1995 David, who is Shan, and Paula Mahawon began their work in Thailand. Their goal was to begin church planting, but God had other plans.  The downfall of the opium warlord left thousands of little boy soldiers displaced and orphaned (the army had been a dumping ground for unwanted children).  Faith Village began with five of those boys and now numbers 50+.  A girls' dorm was built in 2003.  Many would call this an orphanage, but any who visit know it is simply a very large family!

Friends are made at the Saturday Kids Club drawing children from the village and neighborhood.  Fun, games, songs, and learning about Jesus... this weekly event continues to grow and grow.