seminario teologico bautista del sur, mexico

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Apartado Postal 171

Zihuatanejo, Gro.

C.P. 40880


The purpose of The Seminary (STBS) is to train and prepare Mexican nationals (men and women) to serve the Lord in the ministry as evangelists, pastors, teachers, worship leaders or missionaries. In addition to classroom studies, the students are assigned to missions and churches where they gain practical experience each weekend and in the summer months. Extension courses are now operating in Acapulco and Lazaro Cardenas to prepare additional Christian workers in their own communities.
In 2012 STBS began the STBS Virtual Program where seminary professors teach classes on-line to Spanish speaking students through out the Americas.  Students enrolled were from Mexico, several US states, Venezuela and Ecuador.  This innovative teaching method will allow the seminary to provide much needed training to pastors and church workers in remote or unserved areas.