salem christian center, romania, Ministers Fellowship International

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CP331, OP 1

Oradea, 3700 Bihor


Pastor Teodor and Zamfira both had well paying jobs in Romania and seemed set to do well in spite of the devastated economy of that nation. However, when God's call for full-time ministry came, they both responded willingly and laid down their own agendas. The Ciuciui family have stood firm in the vision God gave them to raise up a church that is open and moving in what God is doing in the earth today. 
On June 20, 2010, Salem Christian Center celebrated 10 years of ministry in their present location.  It is the fruition of a vision God gave Pastor Teodor 20 years previously.  In 2012 Pastor Teodor told his leadership team that the vision God had given him and that he had drawn in a book had all come to pass.  He was excited and looking forward to what God had next.  However, a few days later he passed in his sleep and went home to his Lord and Savior.

Pastor Teodor's oldest son Ted and his wife Mona Lisa have assumed the leadership of Salem Christian Center and the rest of the Ciuciui family have risen to assume their roles in continuing the legacy of Pastor Teodor and the new vision God will provide.