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Chandigarh 160047

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In 2005, Pastor James started Life Bridge Ministries located in the northern part of
India, known as the “Hindi belt” which has the largest concentration of unreached people groups in the world. “Our primary vision is to ignite exponential Kingdom movements among the world’s largest unreached region. Our mission is to reach the unreached through evangelism, plant new churches, and empower the poor and needy through compassionate care in the context of the above.”  

Life Bridge Ministries has been instrumental in showing compassionate care to the orphans and widows, resulting in pioneering of churches in the region. In order  to reach a region for Christ, first we must deal with the principalities and powers that are holding that region captive. To this end, we have a special team of people that literally visit strategic regions and do prayer walks. In doing this, we have seen that opens up doors.  

Life Bridge Ministries has established homes to provide complete care and education for the orphans who are adopted by the village where new planted churches are  
located. They also continue to find creative ways the help women who have been
victims of social injustice and  discrimination, which is a huge issue in India.