Trinity is a wonderful mix of people with different backgrounds, personalities, feelings, and needs. We all want to see each other, fellowship together, and get back to growing together in person.

We realize based on our recent survey that there are a variety of positions our Trinity community has regarding reopening Sunday morning worship services. The Leadership Team at Trinity hear you, respect your position and want you to do what makes you comfortable. 

Group 1: Some of us are ready to come back now and have little concerns.

Group 2: Some of us have concern, want to return but also want to know what precautions and plans we have in place as we return. 

Group 3: Some of us are not ready to return for a variety of reasons such as underlying health concerns. With that in mind, we encourage you to watch Sunday morning worship services online, participate through ZOOM Groups, Messenger Chat, and telephone calls. 

In the coming months we are endeavoring to make decisions while trusting God to give us what is best for Trinity Church. We anticipate reopening late August/early September.  Even though you may disagree with decisions made by Trinity or on the views/opinion of others, please respect each other’s position while keeping unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. 

Below are some initial steps Trinity is taking in reopening preparation for Sunday gatherings:
  1. On-going review of WA State and Federal church reopening guidelines
  2. Monitoring the outbreaks that have occurred in churches
  3. Consulted an Infection Preventionist and Public Health
  4. Completed a church-wide assessment to identify ways to make our facility safer
  5. Enhanced environmental cleaning of frequently touched surfaces
  6. Working with ministry leaders to identify standards and processes to make their ministries safer for participants.
  7. Upgrading our media equipment so we can do on-line live-streaming as well as in-person gatherings. 
  8. Implementing hand sanitizer stations (as they become more readily available)

Installment of touchless products will be phased in over time as they become more readily available for purchase. Currently, touchless items are backordered for several more months. 

Thank you for your patience as we work through this new process. Our goal is to reduce your risk and to reopen the church for service and fellowship. 

We are excited to reopen for Sunday Services but do not have a set date yet. We anticipate late August/early September. We will give you an exact date soon.

We have all been experiencing a new “normal” for the past several months. Things will continue to change and be different as we move forward, including Sunday services. We cannot eliminate all risk, but we can reduce the risk of COVID transmission. 

The current WA State guidance allows up to 100 people in the building (25% of regular attendance). This is the process we will initially follow during reopening but please remember this is just for a short time:

  • You will register on-line and provide the number and names of those who will attend with you.
  • If unable to register on-line, you may call the church office and register.

Entering the Church
  • Enter at the North entrance (facing 38th Street).
  • As you enter your temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer. If you are running a fever of 100.4 you will be sent home.
  • You will be checked in.
  • Hand sanitizers or hand wipes will be available for your use.
  • Please wear a mask. WA State requires a mask be worn when inside buildings and Trinity’s Leadership supports wearing them when in church. 
  • Signs will be in the foyer directing you to the Worship Center (Sanctuary & balcony).

Worship Center
  • Seats will be spaced to maintain 6 feet between families/couples/individuals.
  • Please consider sitting in balcony to allow room on the main floor for those who cannot navigate the stairs.
  • The Worship Service will consist of two Worship songs followed by a sermon. Service will last approximately one hour.

Trinity KIDS 
  • Nursery and Trinity KIDS will be closed initially.
  • Children and infants will sit with their parents.
  • Children will be provided an activity bag to do in service.
  • Nursery will be open for diaper changes and crying babies.

  • Monitors will be outside each bathroom.
  • Only 2 people will be allowed in restrooms at one time.
  • Please use paper towel to turn faucets off and to exit door.

TC Café
  •  Will be closed initially.

Exiting and Socializing
  • At conclusion of the service, please listen to the exiting instructions.
  • We encourage you to socialize outside weather permitting.

If you have any questions, please contact the church office. (253) 471-0818