I saw this quote the other day and I think it is good for all of us to consider: “You are you. Now isn’t that pleasant?”- Dr. Seuss

This is a great quote because it seems we can spend an awful lot of time wishing we were something or someone else. If not something or someone else entirely, we at least can find ourselves wishing certain thing were different about us. Oh, that we were taller or shorter. Oh, that we were smarter. Oh, that we were richer. Oh, that we were thinner. Oh, that we had more hair and straight teeth (insert Rollie here). I think you get the point.

The point of Dr. Seuss’s quote is that you are uniquely you and no one else can be you. What is uniquely you that others count on? Look up too? Admire? I am sure if you ponder this you will come up with several things, as long as you stop pondering only on what you wish was different about you. And, of course, it also needs to be said that this quote needs to apply to our view of the people around us. Honor those around you for who they uniquely are as opposed to what you wish they would be. I think we would all have a lot more peace within ourselves and in our relationships if we lived out Dr. Seuss’ advise.

I close with this: “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139:4