About 3 hours ago I was sitting outside drinking some coffee with my Bible and computer open listening to some great worship music well on my way to a sunburned face. Then in a matter of minutes the clouds rolled in and it was a mad dash by myself and others to get inside as a strong breeze came up and minutes after that a total downpour. No worries! I got inside, got a nice spot, got a refill and continued my most blessed privilege of studying for Sunday. And then low and behold after about an hour of winter-type weather, the rain stops and the sun comes back out again. No, it isn't as nice as it was this morning but nicer than about an hour ago. For us Washingtonians, we just realize it's just our third weather pattern in three hours and we will see what the rest of the day will hold.

Come to think of it, we Washingtonians should be more equipped than most because our weather is so much like life—the roads of life are filled with so many curves and unexpected turns that we make our plans lightly. For example, whenever we plan any outdoor events we always plan for "What happens if it rains?"

I think it’s a good way to move forward in life. Believe for sun, be prepared for rain and enjoy the journey. Jesus is Lord regardless of the weather our life is currently experiencing.