we missed you

I had a great phone conversation today. It came to my mind that there were a few people I had not seen in church in a couple of weeks. As I thought of these great people, what occurred to me was not their attendance record, but rather how I missed their presence. You see, when we come together and worship regularly at church, we develop relationships that may seem small and insignificant, but in reality our presence, our smile, our worship, our friendliness adds something to the service that when absent, is truly missed. So I called one of those friends I had missed and, after a little light-hearted joking about them forgetting who I was, I simply said I missed them and was calling to be sure that they were ok. The good news is that they were just fine, and that they would be back this week. They simply had been travelling and working, and were unable to make it. What I loved about the phone call was the surprise in their voice that I had called and that I missed their presence, and their sharing how they really had missed church as well, and that life just didn't feel the same without church.
You know, I think that's the way it should be when it comes to church. We might not always get a phone call when we've missed church, but we all are missed when we're not there because we each add something to our gathering and worship experience.
See you Sunday!