we haven't changed much

On my way to do some preparation for this week’s message on the subject of prayer, I saw a scene that I believe God sees all the time from us.

I was walking and drawing close to a downtown coffee shop, and out of the Post Office came a mom and her little boy who must have been about three years of age. He was old enough to walk, talk and resist his mother’s urgings to cross the street and get in the back seat of the car. As she was pretty much dragging him across the street, the boy was crying loudly, "I want a cheeseburger; I want a cheeseburger; I want a cheeseburger, etc." I sympathized with the boy for I kind of wanted a cheeseburger too right then.

Then as mom got him to the car, got the door opened and began to buckle him into his car seat I heard him declare, "But I be good boy; I be good boy!" I thought, “Son, you lost that fight about ten minutes ago.”

Then it dawned on me how similar we often are in prayer as we stomp our feet and declare our demands to God, and when all seems to be lost, we try to remind God why we deserve what we are asking because, after all, we have "been good.” Really?

No, we haven't changed much since we were all three, except we are asking for a lot more than a cheeseburger.



Posted by shilo on June 1, 2012
This was wonderful and oh so true!I was also thinking that when we pray and ask for things, the giving thanks for what God has given us already tends to take a back burner.Our cup as human beings tends to be half empty with a continual want for more, but as sons and daughters of God in Jesus our cup is actualy overflowing. I have found i need to remind my self to keep my focus on God and how amazing he is, instead of the deceptive half empty cup...my father God just keeps pouring out his blessings into my cup and all believers get to share in the same joy of his grace and provision. Praise God in Jesus name!
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