Today while I was at Starbucks doing some work, I noticed a little girl who was maybe 3 years old or possibly 4. She had two older sisters and her mom with her but they were all a little distracted, as the Starbucks was very busy and they had to stand in line for quite some time. You could tell that the Mom was keeping an eye on her but the little girl was not going to wait in line. So, the little girl found something to do. That something to do was opening and closing the door to the Starbucks. The door is one of those heavy, all glass doors wrapped in some sort of metal with those automatic door closers up top. Now, this girl was so tiny it took all of her strength to open the door. She would put both hands on the glass door and push with all her might to open the door and then she would let the door slowly close again, all the while leaving her hands on the door.

While watching her I got nervous several times and made myself ready to jump up and grab the door because I could just see her slipping or getting distracted by people walking in and out and those little fingers were going to get caught in that door. There were several moments that it came so close to happening but thankfully it didn't. Whew! Eventually her mom and sisters got through the line and took the little girl by the hand and they went on their way.

Now, I know we are nothing like God with His power to know in advance what is going to happen. However, it was a little reminder to me of the many times that my Heavenly Father was watching me open and close doors that could sooner or later smash my fingers, but He stayed at a safe distance prepared to act and intervene on my behalf. Now, there have been several moments in my life that God stood close by and went ahead and let my fingers get smashed. I hollered and cried, but I have to admit those moments were some of the best teaching moments in my life. Thankfully, there are probably many more moments that my fingers should have been caught but weren't because He was there to grab that door.

Anyone else out there with a few smashed finger stories?


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