What an awesome vacation! Our trip to England included cities like Holmfirth (big shout to our good friends Ian and Jen Gooch!), York, Scarborough, Dover, and London. Our trip to France included the city of Caen and the beautiful region of Normandy and of course Paris.
It was truly amazing to see the beaches of Normandy where 65 years ago men from many nations stormed these shores to liberate Europe from the wickedness of fascism.  The visit to the American Cemetery was humbling, amazing and incredibly moving.  The reality of standing there looking at more than 10,000 white crosses is overwhelming.  It simply reminds me of how much we have to be thankful for as we have just finished celebrating the 4th of July.
The other cool reality is that people are people and we all seemed to be enjoying the same beautiful wonders and amazing things.  Like when we were in the Louvre and were starring at the Mona Lisa.  There were dozens of languages and nationalities in that room yet no one was concerned about who we all where but how amazing this timeless painting was.
We had a great time but it is also great to be home.
Enjoy your summer it is going FAST!