Many of you know that Thursday is my study day. As a creature of habit, I generally visit the same Starbucks to study, occasionally stopping at a place that is new to me. 
As is my custom, I was at my favorite Starbucks today and a guy that often works from this same location was here as well.  Generally, we will say hi to one another and at some point he will make his way over to where I am working and want to start a conversation. 

Today, I settled in with my coffee, Bible, notebook and headphones and was really trying to make some headway on my sermon for this Sunday. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this gentleman approaching me and silently groaned within at the coming interruption. For whatever reason I was not in the mood and really didn’t want the distraction. As he began to talk about the latest book he was reading (By the way, he is a believer), all I could think about was putting my headphones back in and getting back to work. Then it happened, that still small voice spoke to me saying, “Really, Rollie? What your doing is so important that you can’t unplug for a moment to listen to this brother?” With that still small voice came a sharp pain of conviction. Lord, help me to learn to unplug, look up and be willing to listen to those around me. Well, that’s my confession today. Lord help us all to unplug and listen.