unfulfilled potential

I have a beautiful view of Mount Rainier outside my office window. It is an awesome sight and, when the sky is clear and on a day like today, I have a view of it that is spectacular. I can see it rise up amongst the Cascades, and can see where the tree line ends and the snow begins, and can see the peak so clearly that you feel like you can reach out and touch it.
If I turn my eyes slightly to the right, my eyes pick up an annoying view obstruction that I am tired of looking at. Right next door to us is a business that has set a hot air balloon on top of its building that models those that lift off and sail gracefully through the air. These are majestic to view way up in the sky as people sail up above you. This balloon, however, never leaves the top of this building because it is supposed to attract attention to this business. I am sure it does, but it is primarily an annoying view obstruction. Besides being a terrible view obstruction, it is also really sad because big hot air balloons are meant to fly, not sit on top of a building going nowhere, cabled down to the earth. As it sits there in the same view line as the mountain, all I can think about is that the balloon belongs up in the air, sailing above the crowds and traffic, adding to the majesty of the mountain, and giving whoever would happen to ride in it an even greater view of the beautiful Mt. Rainier.
Sadly, that balloon reminds me of so many people's lives who God made to soar, but instead are strapped down to the ground, not fulfilling their divine purpose. Instead of soaring and adding to the scenery, they settle for what at best could be called an advertisement for something temporal, and at worst can be called an obstruction.
So, people, we serve an awesome, majestic God Who is calling us to lift off the ground and soar into our destiny! And please, to all my good friends, this is not a request for you to go pop that balloon or to set it free!