Saw something today while doing some studying at Starbucks that caused me to laugh and have a flashback to when my daughter Abbey was a little girl. As I was studying a group of ladies came in and sat down to have some coffee and a snack. One of the ladies had a little girl who was perhaps around 18 months old and who you could tell was just learning to walk. As they all sat and chatted and drank their coffee the little girl started with her mom and put her hands on her mom’s knees so she wouldn’t fall and tilted her head up like a little bird to receive some of her moms snack. Then the little girl went one by one to each lady by placing her hands on their knees and lifting her head like a little bird opening her mouth and allowing each one to drop a piece of whatever snack they had into her mouth. Each lady fed this little girl a little of whatever food they had and the little girl freely received it. Abbey would do the same thing at our little church in Eatonville. We would have all church potlucks and she would roam the room walking up to whoever was there and simple lift her head and open her mouth and people would feed her.

It was always funny and heartwarming. I think the heartwarming thing is that this little girl in Starbucks and my daughter Abbey were modeling simple, beautiful trust. This little girl reached out placing her hands on the knees of these ladies trusting they would not push her away, she lifted her head and opened her mouth trusting they would feed her, she received whatever was put in her mouth trusting she would like it even though she had no idea what they had to offer.

Isn’t that kind of trust awesome? Now I realize that if you as an adult decided to roam from adult to adult putting your hands on their knees opening your mouth that you would probably get arrested but I think the point of the story is understood. How good are we at trusting?


Posted by Melia on December 16, 2011
You coldun't pay me to ignore these posts!
Posted by Bunny on December 14, 2011
Hey, that post leaves me feeling foloish. Kudos to you!
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