My daughter Abbey is a pretty committed workout queen. Yesterday she challenged me to do one of her workouts, so she became my trainer for the next 40 minutes. What I realized is that getting worked out by someone is very different from when I work out on my own. She had me do exercises that I didn't know that tested muscles I don't normally mess with. She gave me a goal of time or reps that were not what I would have chosen. She kept me moving. She was encouraging. In the end it was a better workout than if I had done it on my own. I was sore sure, but that was a good thing.

I think it is not much different from our walk with Jesus. We need someone to "work us out.” We need someone to push us, challenge us and encourage us. I don't think we do well at discipling ourselves. Who do you have in your life that is pushing, challenging and encouraging you?