Thursday is not just any day, especially during Easter week. Thursday marks the day when Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper with His disciples which we follow to this day. Thursday is the day that Judas goes out and betrays Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Thursday is the day when Jesus is arrested and taken into custody and begins the terrible journey towards the cross.

I was struck by the words of Jesus to His captors when they seized Him. "But this is your hour, and the power of darkness." Luke 22:53

Jesus basically says 'go ahead, do what you need to do, this is your moment'. Jesus knew it was going to be several days of pain, humiliation and agony, but He knew the end game and He refers to it as "your hour." Jesus was aware of what was about to take place but He also knew that the darkness was going to be short lived.

I'm not sure what you may be facing on this Thursday but understand that because of Jesus the darkness you are going through is short lived. The darkness may have its "hour" but Jesus will get the last word. And His last words were, "It is finished." When He said those words He knew all that the darkness could do to Him was over and their hour had passed. His hour had now come and the power of light was about to break forth and crush the power of darkness.

Know today that Jesus makes it possible for you to say to the trouble  you might be facing, "Go ahead, take your hour but Jesus will have the last word and you will be finished."