there might be snow

They are saying that it might snow today. Now, we are used to the promise of snow and then are usually let down by the lack thereof. Today's promise of snow is even more compelling as we are in the midst of celebrating Christmas. There is something about Christmas and snow, especially for us in the Pacific Northwest as we just don't get much of it. So this promise of snow for this afternoon makes it all the more desired. I can't help but think that this hope for snow at Christmas time is a very small reminder of the world that the Christ child was born into. It was and remains to be a world that is longing for, hoping for, a Savior, an answer, a deliverer from all the hurt and suffering that comes with living in a fallen world damaged by what fallen people do to one another. Well, the long awaited Messiah came as promised and sadly then and now many are missing out in recognizing Him. I pray that this Christmas we will all come to a better realization that the Messiah has come as promised and He is Emmanuel, "God With Us".