the power of a story

I have the privilege of leading a small group of college guys from Pacific Lutheran University. We had our introductory meeting a couple of nights ago and we started by simply going around the small circle describing our salvation experience, or Jesus story if you will. What was so great was sitting in the presence of these 21-year olds talking about how each of them has had an encounter with Christ in a significant way. Each story was unique and each story was still being written. They didn’t have a “one and done” outlook when it came to their relationships with Christ. All too often in our relationship with Christ, we see things as separate events rather than a continuing saga. These young men, though the same age, though living in the same house, though going to the same school, though having common interests, though talking about the same Jesus, had a different story concerning Jesus, and were at different places in their journey with Him.

Our Savior is the same yesterday, today and forever, but each of us is unique in how He has changed us.

What’s your continuing story?