the last supper

Historically this is called Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday which commemorates the Last Supper.
At the Last Supper Jesus brings His disciples together to further reveal to them what was about to happen in regards to his coming death, burial and resurrection. The word "last" in my mind generally is not a great word—"last in line," last in the class," "ast in the race," "last one chosen," "last chance," "last one," etc. So most of the time in my life the word last is not happily used or applied, and in the case of the last supper it can be seen as an unhappy situation or circumstance as well, but because we know how the story ends, the "Last Supper" is really the beginning of the greatest event in History.

The great thing about Jesus is that there are a whole lot of "lasts" or "endings" that His resurrection power has erased from my life. You may have found yourself believing that for you it was all over, that you blew your last chance. You may feel that the clock has run out and the game is over, but with Jesus as long as you have breath it isn't over. Peter thought it was over for him after denying
Jesus three times, but Jesus had the last word on that and He declared to Peter, "Feed my sheep," and He restored Peter.

Thank God the "Last Supper" was just the beginning for us all. 


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