the holidays

The holidays are fast approaching! I can’t believe we are one week away from Thanksgiving and 40 days from Christmas. Tis the season to be busy! It seems like the holidays can put our normally busy lives into hyper drive. We all deal with having to spin multiple plates in our lives and the holidays just add several more to the mix. We endeavor every year to enjoy this holiday season more than any before, but it can seem like the more we commit to enjoying the holidays the busier we get.
What if we just decided not to spin the holiday plates of business? What if enjoying the holidays meant that we weren’t going to do more during this season but less? What if we made a list of all the activities, traditions, and expectations and simply cut some things out? What if we only did what really mattered during the holiday season?
I don’t know what that would look like for you, but I challenge you to give it some thought.