the end

I read on Twitter today that famous movie critic, Rodger Ebert, died today and saw
that someone referenced an article he wrote a short while ago entitled, "I Do Not
Fear Death.” The title peaked my interest so I followed the link and was saddened to
read that, as a former Catholic, he was well aware of the concepts of heaven but had come
to believe that after death it is just over. He writes, "Someday I will no longer call out,
and there will be no heart beat. I will be dead. What happens then? From my point of view,
nothing. Absolutely nothing." He talks about life being basically about the memories you leave behind, about trying to bring happiness in the world. Though he basically believes there is
nothing after death, he also gives a sense that there is this other worldly quality to life. He
found a peace in that he lived, loved living and then will die. The end.

I am so saddened by that. As I contemplated his thoughts, some questions came to my mind:

·   If there is nothing after life, what is it in mankind that is constantly searching for answers
    regarding the afterlife?

·   If there is nothing after life, where does the moral imperative to be good or kind come from?

·   If there is nothing after life, where does that "spiritual" and "mystical" side of life that he and so
    many people write about come from?

·   If there is nothing after life, why has mankind always been fascinated by the stars in the heavens?

·   If there is no afterlife, I get finding peace with that, for then at least there wouldn't be judgment,
    but where is the hope?

Oh that men and women everywhere would not just settle for being at peace with death, but would come to the Hope of Jesus and heaven.

"Whoever believes in me, though he dies, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die.” John 11:25-26 - Do you believe this?  


Posted by Dana Adams on April 15, 2013
Beautiful post, Pastor Rollie!
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