"We give thanks to You, O God; we give thanks, for Your name is near. We recount Your wondrous deeds." Psalm 75:1

There is so much power in giving thanks and being thankful. Last night we had a prayer meeting at church that concentrated on giving thanks. I had everyone there list on a small card a few things they are thankful for. As part of my sermon preparation today I read through all of them. I found that even though they were not my thoughts or my expressions, just the reading of them lifted my spirits and gave me a sense of gratitude and in a funny way, energized me and pumped me up!

A thankful person not only obeys the commands of scripture, they receive the benefits of gratitude which are too many to list and in the end have a powerful impact on those around us.

So, here is my list:

I'm thankful for Jesus' saving grace
I'm thankful for my heritage of faith in God
I'm thankful that I have an amazing wife who has always been there for me and loves me as I am
I'm thankful for my three amazing kids who God has blessed beyond my ability to provide
I'm thankful for the opportunity to preach
I'm thankful for my church
I'm thankful for my team at church
I'm thankful for coffee
I'm thankful for the changing seasons

I could go on but I'm probably starting to bore you.  Anyway, make your list this week as you prepare to celebrate this Thanksgiving Holiday.


Posted by Barbara Mitchell on December 3, 2014
I'm thankful for my husband, our kids, grandkids and great-grands. I'm thankful for my country, for you, Pastor Rollie, and all the great people at Trinity. Acts 4.12
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