super bowl

Well friends, the Seahawks are now just a couple of days away from facing the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. Man I hope they win! Many of us have already made our plans of where we are watching the game, who we are watching the game with, what food we are going to serve. Some of us have tracked our favorite players on Twitter and Facebook. If you turn on the TV, even the local news will share a daily update on something going on around the Super Bowl. It seems wherever you go there will be multiple people wearing Seahawks gear. Stores are having trouble keeping Skittles in stock. The excitement is palpable.
The Super Bowl is going to be played in just over three hours time with commercials. The actual amount of time on the clock is 60 minutes, yet we will have been talking about it for two weeks and, depending on the outcome, we will be talking about it for months or years afterward.
So it is with the really big moments in our own lives as well. The actual amount of time that these big moments take, either good or bad, are generally fairly short, but the leading up to them and the results or consequences of them is so much longer, sometimes lasting a lifetime.
What was your last really big moment? Hopefully we will all share a really big moment a couple of days from now with the Seahawks' win.


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