summer fun

I saw a friend of mine post a picture on Instagram of her little girl playing in the fountain at Seattle Center.  The caption read: "Squeezing every ounce of fun out of these last days of Summer."
I loved the quote and the thought it conveyed! We are certainly drawing close to the end of summer which means we are also drawing closer to Fall.

Personally, I feel that I know this friend well enough to know that the statement about Summer coming to an end is not a complaint but a statement of appreciation for this time of year. There is a hint there of anticipation for what is to come. At least that's how I read it - and is actually how I look at it. I always regret it myself when I have fallen into the negative place of whining about something I’ve enjoyed drawing to a close. It seems like a grumpy way to live. I think we should always strive to live in the awesome tension between appreciation for what is coming to a close and anticipation for what is to come.

It’s not always easy to do. It often requires us disciplining our thoughts and words. But how would you choose to view it? I think living in the tension between appreciation and anticipation is a much better way to live than the alternative of sadness over what is ending and anxiety or fear over what is to come. Don't you?


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