The weather this week has been given the name Snowpacalypse 2012. It is amazing how messed up and turned upside down life gets when storms hit and turn our normal lives upside down. It messes with our schedules, finances, work, patterns, relationships and so much more. Storms truly do test our daily lives and in the process create additional stressers.

However let me spin this another way. Storms can cause our regular boring old stressers to become small and almost a welcome sight when things return to "normal."

Storms can break you out of the "normal" ruts that we have accepted as a given in our lives.

Storms can cause us to be grateful for the things we take for granted (like power and heat).

Storms can be an opportunity and can afford us some surprises. Like yesterday when we were all snowed in and Annette's work was closed. I got the blessing of a home cooked breakfast on a Wednesday which apart from the storm never happens.

Ok, all that being said I prefer for all the snow and ice to go away and for things to return to "normal" But I think you get my point.