Spring is here! Now, not everything about Spring is great. There's the pollen that, for at least my wife, is no fun as it brings on sneezing attacks that are awesome to behold. Then there is the return of bugs that we don't like. Then those pesky weeds start to pop up and thrive and so on and so on.

But Spring is still a great season as baseball is back and the weather allows us to get outside more. The scent of flowers, the blooming of plants and the blossoms on the trees make Spring feel like everything has come back to life. Yes, I believe the blessings of Spring outweigh the negatives.

Spring is a lot like life. The same things that make up the good of Spring possible require there to be the negatives of Spring. The blessings of life sometimes require the conflicts that come along with it. Personally, I think if we could shift our focus from the conflicts in life (or trying to avoid them), and start seeing conflict as a partner with blessings then we might have a lot more peace.

After all, the blessing do far outweigh the negatives in life.