We haven't had much of a beautiful spring as of yet. I can only remember a couple of nice days, and we’ve had more days that have felt like January than what we would expect for March. But
though it doesn't really feel like spring lately, the vegetation, grass and trees seem to know it is as they are budding and blooming everywhere. Spring has a powerful pull on nature. It is working in spite of what we feel the weather is telling us.

What are you waiting to spring forth? I am not speaking of nature or the weather now, but of our lives, our relationships, our hopes and dreams. It can so often feel like there are not any signs of the things we are believing for coming to pass. We see no movement or action on our behalf.

I think sometimes what we have in mind is the full bloom of late spring and summer and don't see the early blooms and slight changes of early spring. Spring is doing its thing long before we
visibly perceive it.

"Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?" Isaiah 43:19



Posted by Pat Askren on March 20, 2013
It does seem especially true this year - the flowers and trees are far ahead in knowing that spring is here. I thought about raking the garden and knew a frost might still sneak up on us.... God constantly blesses us in ways that we miss. Thankfully he's patient with us until we realize how we've been blessed.
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