spring has sprung

By any account, Spring has sprung. And it has sprung much earlier than normal. I have never mowed my lawn this early, nor can I remember the trees blooming this early.

For most of us that's a good thing. I suppose that there are some of you soggy people that like to milk the wintery rainy weather as long as possible, but for many of us, we welcome this early Spring.

This is a good reminder that the seasons come and go outside of our control; that sometimes we get to rejoice because the winter season in our lives has come to an early end and the spring of new life is here. Sometimes though, it seems that Winter goes on and on in our lives with no sign of Spring. We all experience both realities but we seem to remember better the long Winters more readily than the early Springs.

So, let's rejoice over this early Spring and look for what new things God is up to in our lives.


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