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"It’s a Small World" is an interesting statement. In most occasions it signifies that with the speed of travel, the web, Facebook, and Twitter, that we are all just a few clicks, messages, or hours away from one another making for a very "small" world.

Yet in the last two weeks we have heard from a Pastor from Romania, a Pastor from the Philippines, and this week Pastors from Uganda. In sharing with these pastors, hearing them preach, listening to their challenges, it reminded me that there is another way to apply "It’s a Small World.” That is how small we let our worlds get – worlds of “us and our own problems,” “us and our own family,” “us and our own friends,” “us and our own ideas,” “us and our own will.” When we live like that we live in a small, closed, isolated world.

The problem with living in that kind of a small world is that we close ourselves off and our problems appear bigger than they are. Our gratitude shrinks and our demands increase. We choose the appearance of safety and control that also traps us in a small place of small thoughts, small hopes, small impact.

We serve a Big God! Let’s be sure what kind of "small" world we are living in.

Jesus Cares! 


Posted by Steve smith on October 31, 2012
Very true that we serve a big God! I heard a quote from a song that says, "the more I see, the less I know." That quote struck a cord with me because having seen other parts of the world...I can't help but realize once again that our God is large and in charge!
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