sitting on tables

So, I was sitting in Starbucks studying this morning (surprise, surprise) and three ladies came in to sit and chat over some good coffee. One of them had a little boy who was probably around two years old and as the ladies were chatting at some tables nearby, the little boy moved over to another sitting area where there were arm chairs and side tables. The little boy proceeded to try out all four of the arm chairs. He later got out of the chairs and stood by a side table that was not real high. He set his chocolate milk box down on the table then stared at the table, looked over at his mom, looked back at the table and back at his mom, and then around the store and then formed a suspicious grin and proceeded to climb up on the table. He then turned around, sat down, and picked up his milk and drank it there on top of the table with the biggest grin you've ever seen.
A few minutes later, Mom proceeded to get up, pick him up off the table and placed him in the arm chair. He didn't cry but the smile was gone. Now I honestly support the mom's efforts to train her son in regards to good manners, for we've all been around the child that has no manners and no boundaries, and that's not pleasant. But in that split second, I was a bit jealous of that two-year old boy as he found the greatest joy in breaking out of the norm, out of the common, and simply enjoying his chocolate milk on top of a table.
The boy was not trying to be ill-mannered or obnoxious; he was operating in a curious, child-like manner and was enjoying the simple change in his seating experience. 
Without being ill-mannered, rude or obnoxious, it probably wouldn't hurt us adults to break out of the normal and common patterns we've developed and discover the simple joy of exploring something new in our lives and relationships with others and with God.
Chocolate milk and a side table anyone?