My whole family and I found ourselves free yesterday because of the holiday and, believe me, that doesn't happen much with my schedule, my wife's schedule, two college students who have jobs, and a very active high schooler as well. So, we all piled into the Camry and headed up to Southcenter for some shopping and lunch. We stopped at a store that specializes in selling used fashion clothing. As in all clothing stores, most of the store was dedicated to women's clothing, but there was a small section for men. Low and behold, my son and I were the only ones that found anything to buy - not the three ladies! So anyway, my son and I are using their individual dressing rooms and inside the dressing room is a sign that reads, "Attention Shoplifters! You wouldn't want to get caught and prosecuted for stealing used clothing would you?" Well the sign just cracked me up! Is the point you don't want to steal, or you don't want to get caught, or you don't want to get caught stealing used clothing because that is so much more pathetic than stealing new stuff?
I am sure their point was not to shoplift their clothing, but they were trying to shame someone into not attempting it by referring to it as used clothing. But in the long run, haven't we as human beings proven over and over again that there are no depths of sin we are not willing to go to, and that shame is not a very good deterrent?
What if the sign were to read "Attention Paying Customers! We thank you for your integrity, and we will gladly serve you at the cash register." I know, wishful thinking, but it sure makes me feel better. Let's all try to operate at a higher level of expectation today!