Annette and I just made our yearly trip to Chicago, as for the last 6 years Annette's work has sent her here for a radiology convention. Some 20,000 people descend on Chicago for this yearly event and make this big, beautiful city bulge with masses of people, not to mention all the locals that come out to shop on Thanksgiving weekend.

Annette and I love it; we love to try new things and this city is filled with great restaurants of all kinds. One evening, Annette found a place called Sundra. It's described as an Asian infusion restaurant. It was great food but ultimately the experience was shaped by our awesome server.

From the moment we sat down, she was engaging and helpful. She asked if this was our first time and then set forth to explain the way the restaurant works and what they specialize in. You could tell she loved her job and loved her restaurant.

She recommended a few things so we ordered two small plates to share. Once we finished those we wanted to try some other things and asked what else she would recommend. The coolest thing was that she simply asked us a few questions about the types of food we like and then she just smiled and set off to order for us without us knowing what we were getting.

When what she ordered for us came, it was amazing food! She nailed the order perfectly.
I have never had a server order for me without me knowing what I was getting, but her attitude, approach and knowledge of her restaurant caused me to trust her and have this unique dining experience.

What if we were that way about our Church, our work, or our relationship with Jesus?

What if we loved what we did? What if we had knowledge of what others would like? What if we paid enough attention to those around us that we could serve them in a way that surprises them by how well we know them? What if we left a positive impression even on strangers that we may never meet again?

The Food at Sundra was great. But our server made the experience.


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