I just took my car into the Toyota dealer for its regular service and found out that there was a recall on its floor mat system. Now I know that I've heard a lot in the news about certain recalls on the Toyota car, but I hadn't had any problems and I hadn't received anything in the mail, so as far as I was concerned, there was nothing wrong with my car. Come to find out, that when I called for an oil change there was a recall on something regarding my floor mat system. So obviously I'm going to let them fix it, but it kind of cracked me up that there could be a recall on a floor mat system! Floor mats - really?
When I asked what the problem was, they answered that it had to do with it interfering with the pedal system and it was going to take 3 hours to fix. Three hours for floor mats?! Yep, she said it's quite involved and you will need to leave it with us. Huh, who knew?
All that to say, it can be so much like our own lives. There is something faulty inside us but, because we seem to be operating just fine, we don't believe anything is wrong, but even when we sense something might be, we are not prepared for it to be a big deal to fix. We want a quick fix. We don't want a big investment in time or energy to repair what needs fixing. So then we have to decide if we are going to stay long enough to fix it, to turn ourselves over into some expert's hands to repair it.
What is God seeking to recall in your life? Your notification comes in the form of the Word of God. Will you leave it in His hands and stay as long as it takes to repair it, or will you decide to fix it "some day," or when it becomes a "real" problem?
I'm getting my car mats fixed and I wonder about what God wants to recall in me?! I hope you will ask yourself the same question.