AHHHH! My cell phone is driving me crazy. It has this glitch that randomly and without warning, will by itself, power down and reboot itself. The only pattern I can detect is that it will only do this when I am using one of its functions—whether dialing, on a phone call, texting, writing an e-mail, checking Facebook or surfing the web. So basically anytime I am trying to use it, it will reboot itself once or twice a day interrupting whatever I was doing. SO ANNOYING!
I know, I know, such a "first world" problem and some of my missionary friends would be laughing at me right now as I whine about how "rough" I have it. Sorry but it still drives me nuts.
As I was commiserating about it after its most recent reboot, I had this thought, “It’s been a bit of a stressful couple of weeks for me and some of my friends, and I wondered what it would look like if God could reach down and without warning and in the middle of some important function of ours, just power us down and reboot us?” I guess in some cases our own bodies do that for us when we have gone too long without rest, but that generally means we are in pretty bad shape. What if God could just shut us down before it came to our bodies having to react? My gut tells me He tries to speak to us about needing a reboot countless times in prayer and from the Word, but we most likely aren't listening because we are too busy "functioning.”
I wonder when my phone will reboot and annoy me again today.