I’ve been stumped on what to write for a blog recently, so I sent out a request for ideas from my 27 Twitter followers and I received some helpful hints. But from the younger of my followers I was told that I am putting too much thought into it, and that I’m supposed to just record random thoughts. First of all I can’t believe anyone would want to read my random thoughts, but then I began to think about how even random thoughts and events can become applicable to life.

So here are some random thoughts and events that have taken place lately that others have commented on, or thoughts that came to me personally.

I spilled my coffee at Starbucks: blog thought, "You have to mop up the mess before you can move on" or "Though we are a mess, God sends the mop-up team and gives you a free refill."


Pumpkins: blog thought, "You have to clean it out before you can shine out."


Our "Jesus cares about you" sign temporarily being out of power: blog thought, "A neon sign without power is just a shadow of itself."


Are any of those thoughts helping you? I don't know about you but they aren't working for me, but it does cause me to think this. As I read the New Testament and I see what Jesus said and did that would appear to seem random, they were in fact very purposed and eternal. For example:


·       A random encounter with a Samaritan women at a well

·       A random encounter with a short tax collector who was in a tree

·       A random action of a women who reaches out and touches Jesus’ garment

·       A random encounter of a fig tree that had leaves but no fruit

·       A random poor widow who gives little but it’s all she has


If we were to put Jesus in our random encounters and events throughout the day, it would be amazing how purposed and eternal our days would become.


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Posted by Rumor on December 16, 2011
Superior thninkig demonstrated above. Thanks!
Posted by Sunny on December 13, 2011
Sueproir thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!
Posted by Julia (Williams) Morrow on October 23, 2011
I like the 'random encounter' examples from the new testament. I think its awesome that we serve a GOD who loves us on purpose!
Posted by Tilthon Sugi on October 21, 2011
I still liked pumpkin guts, Jesus takes all our yucky stuff out and creates a piece of art! for me as the word says; a "peculiar" person, LOL
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