We are in the middle of football season right now and, as anyone who knows me knows, I love the game of football. I love it so much that I have to be reminded often that it is just a game.
It is amazing to me how much some of the games we love in life have a lot of real life lessons in them. I was watching a game the other day when the announcer said that the ability to handle pressure was the difference between an average quarterback and a great quarterback. They went on to compare two quarterbacks, and said that the one quarterback had better raw talent and ability, but because he could not handle the pressure of winning the big games, he was not as good as the quarterback that had lesser ability.
How true to our own lives that is. It seems that the pressure of life is what utlimately determines what we really believe. Pressure will bring to the surface what is really inside of us. All too often in my life, the pressure I am under gives me clear insight into what is going on inside me. Pressure could care less what I say I am, or what I say I believe. Pressure is going to make me prove it.
Proving what we say our abilities are comes through pressure. I hate that, but it is true. So, in the National Football League the quarterbacks that get paid the most are the ones who can prove they can handle the pressure and win the game. Yes, I love football but I hate pressure, but that's what life and football have in common, and I need to be ready.
James 1:3 - "because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance."
Pastor Rollie