Isn’t it amazing the difference it makes in life when you feel like you’re prepared? My Dad and Mom are traveling right now back in Minnesota where they are visiting relatives. They’ve been gone for several months, so we try to talk on the phone and stay in touch ever so often. I called my Dad earlier this week to catch up and, after talking about their travels and acquaintances and family stuff, I proceeded to talk to him about all the things about to take place at church this fall. After going through all that was starting up and going on, he asked me this question, “So are you excited?” I said, “About what?” He said, “All that will be happening.” I paused and answered, “I would be if I felt prepared.”

Prepared is a powerful word that speaks of work, time, thought, meetings, delegation, and promotion. But the more I thought about my answer to my Dad’s question, the more silly I felt about it. Yes, preparation is key and a discipline we must commit to, but I also realize that in all the great, awesome, exciting God-stuff that I have ever been involved with, I don’t think I have ever felt fully prepared because God tends to do things that exceed our imagination (Ephesians 3:20). So let me answer you again, Dad! “Yes, I am excited for this fall!”

So let’s prepare, let’s do our homework, let’s make our plans but then buckle up and see what God does beyond what we could ever have prepared for!


Posted by Gina on December 16, 2011
So that's the case? Quite a rveelaiton that is.
Posted by Tyanne on December 14, 2011
When you think about it, that's got to be the right asnewr.
Posted by Pennie Leigh Breadmore on August 18, 2011
Great word Pastor Rollie!! So many times "getting prepared" is another term for us trying to make sure we have some realm of control over whats happening instead of allowing God to have the controls and do what he wants with it. It is better to go in and let God equip us as needed in HIS capacity than to plan it all out in our capacity!! His capacity will always get us much further than anything we could could ever imagine or plan for. So as God spoke to me last night there are times that our need to control become our hinderance to allowing His freedom to work in our lives... So I will buckle up for the ride and wait until HE decides to show me where we are going. Afterall any ride with Jesus is going to be exciting!!!
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