Have you heard or seen the photos of the storm and tornado damage in the south? Well I've seen a couple of reports and saw photos of some churches that were completely destroyed, but still conducted services outside on nothing but the concrete slab where their church once stood. No roof, no carpeting, no padded pews, no power, no air conditioning, no restrooms - but there they were singing, praying, supporting one another, loving one another, and I was reminded once again that that is what makes us a church - not the facility. It also caused me to think about how often we allow our physical environment to determine our attitude about church - i.e. "The building is too hot." "The building is too cold." "I can't see the screen from my seat." "What's with the ugly paint color selection?" "Who chose the carpet?" "Why do we have to meet downstairs?" Etc., etc. You get the point, right? I'm not saying we should not take care of our facility or that our building is not important to what we do, but I do want to remind us to be very grateful for what we have and to make sure that our surroundings do not determine our worship.
Thank God that He's called us to be the Church, not to worship a building as the church. Amen?


Posted by Kris on December 16, 2011
Super inofmrative writing; keep it up.
Posted by Dernell on December 14, 2011
It's much easier to udnesrtand when you put it that way!
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