What a great time we had in church today! However I gave us all a reminder that the preacher can now and then get caught up in the emotion of the message, the scripture and events of the day and totally make a silly statement during a message.
We were talking about Hannah and how she was a woman of grace. She was a lady who went through so much in waiting to have a child and was regularly persecuted by her rival Peninnah who had children. In the end we saw in 1 Samuel 1 that she does end up having a child and that child was named Samuel and he would serve the Lord in the temple all the days of his life.  So here is where I blew it!  As I was closing the message I made a statement that was completely inaccurate.  I cant remember my exact words but I said something like this:  “We don’t know if Hannah ever had anymore children but she kept her vow to bring Samuel to the temple to be raised” Well shortly after the end of the service someone very politely came up to me and reminded me that in 1 Samuel 2:21 it clearly says that God honored Hannah’s faithfulness and she ended up having 3 more sons and 2 daughters!
Now as soon as I said that in second service something ran through my mind that said, “WRONG!”  I have no idea why I did not remember that fact! Hello Pastor Rollie DUHI! The scary thing is that as I was studying to prepare to preach the message from Chapter one I had read Samuel chapter 2 and 3 and have read the book of Samuel numerous times.
So what was the moral of this blog besides the fact that Rollie can blow it? Well the positive moral is that the bible is so full of information that just as you can forget certain facts at untimely moments it is also a reality that there are constantly new things to discover in the Bible and rediscover things that have been forgotten.
So for all those that heard it and knew I was mistaken thank you for not standing up and calling me out in the middle of the message and to you all I will try not to make that kind of mistake again however I am sure I will no matter how hard I try. So listen close you might just catch me making a booboo.