old school

So I'm sitting in my dark house as the wind storm we experienced today blew down a tree by us and knocked down our power lines. We have no idea when the power will come back on, and we didn't know we didn't have any power until me, my wife, and my two daughters came home from having dinner out together. So as we're stumbling around the house looking for candles, my daughter Abbey makes a couple of deductions that just cracked us all up. As she's carrying her laptop computer and about to sit down and power it up using a battery, she declares that "we were going old school like the 1700s because we're going to be without power and had to live by candlelight." So now old school has become doing homework on a laptop powered by a battery without lights on. Really? That was followed up by this statement of amazement, "People lived like this for thousands of years!" Sorry that was just funny. That was followed up by my other daughter Audrey having a small panic attack because though she could get her laptop to work by battery power, we weren't going to have the internet available, and she needed to get online to do her homework because she needed a dictionary. So my wife pulls out our old school dictionary (you know the one in book form that weighs about ten pounds) and tells her she will have to use that. We don't think she knows how to use it. All of us keep walking around the house carrying candles, but every time we walk into a room we still hit the light switch out of habit.
Isn't it amazing how the simplest of changes or disruptions can profoundly impact our lives, and how we take so many of the things we count on everyday for granted? The great thing is, for several minutes in our house we talked and laughed quite a bit as we all adjusted to life without all the distractions that a house with power provides. So, I dare you - turn off the power to your house and go "old school" and see what you discover.