oh christmas tree

Christmas is upon us and as I was studying today there was a Christmas Tree lot across the street. It was fun watching people walk up and checkout the trees. Totally got me excited to go and get our tree for our house and so tomorrow Abbey and I are going to our favorite tree farm and cut down our tree. It is always interesting watching people pick out their tree. How tall they want it, how wide they want it, Noble, Frazier, Douglas, Grand etc. Everyone always sees something different when they are looking for a tree. Two people can look at a tree and see it totally differently. (By the way, fake Christmas trees are not cool and I am dreading the day that I fall victim to the ease and uniformity of a tree from a box.)

As I was watching people look for their tree and was thinking about going and getting our tree, it was fun to feel the anticipation and excitement. The whole tree experience is as much about past Christmas's as it is about the present. As I thought about getting the tree and what type I would get it caused me to remember and relive great memories of Christmas's past and the family tradition that the tree represents. Wouldn't it be great if we daily were able to remember all of the things that have made us smile, laugh and have blessed our lives? We seem to think too much about the things that are wrong, troublesome and painful or that we want to change.

So as we enter Christmas let’s take advantage of the Christmas tree moments and keep it going beyond just Christmas.