not at your best?

Church was great yesterday - I mean really great. Sometimes I think church is at its best when we ourselves are not at our best. I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday and to be honest, am not feeling the hottest today. But what amazed me yesterday in a fresh new way, was how people were doing their part to serve, to encourage and operate in their gifting. It caused my own spirit and strength to be lifted.
Too often we forget that church is first about bringing God our worship, second about blessing others, and finally about us. When I am at my perceived best, I can believe that I have to make things happen, make things great, do a really good job. You know what I mean? But when we are not at our best, and we know we aren't, we have to sit back, trust God and truly rely on His presence and power to minister and help people. We also seem to be more aware of all that everyone around us does to make church happen on a weekly basis. So sometimes it's a good thing for us to not be at our best.