niagara falls

Annette and I recently had the thrill of taking a vacation back East, in particular a trip to Toronto via train from Vancouver. We saw some awesome sights while on the train and after we arrived in Toronto we rented a car and drove about 90 miles to see Niagara Falls. The Falls were by far the most amazing sight we experienced on this trip. I have of course seen a lot of photos and videos of the Falls but had never been there. I was expecting it to be pretty cool but it was much more than I had anticipated. Actually, the day we were there it was pretty hot and muggy and while I was standing in line (BTW, I hate standing in lines)  for about an hour to get a ticket to get on the boat that took us into the Falls, I was seriously thinking "Do we really need to take this boat? We can see it well enough from here." I almost suggested to Annette that we drop the idea of the boat but I held my tongue and didn't say anything.

So, we finally got our tickets and made our way down to the boat. There were probably about 75 to 100 people on the boat with mostly standing room only. The boat pulled away and it took us up close to the Falls and then into what I call the "U" center of the Falls where all around you is this magnificent wall of water. The sounds, the power, the spray as you're getting soaked because the boat takes you that close; it actually made me think it must have been the same feeling the Jews felt while walking through the Red Sea. Then there were the excited sounds of all the people standing in awe of what we were experiencing. It is to hard to describe accurately.

As I stood there in wonder it made me think of our God. How magnificent He is and how small I am yet He lets me draw close to Him. I could not have gotten that close to the Falls without that boat and, of course, I could not draw close to God without Jesus.

I love those moments in life when you are lost in wonder. Never lose the wonder.