I studied today for the first time at a brand new coffee shop, called EPIC coffee. They just opened a few weeks ago and I must have driven by it several times before I noticed it. I love checking out new coffee shops. As a matter of fact, I love new things period. I love the freshness of them, like new sheets. I love the opportunity they provide, like new ministries. I love the smell of them, like a new car. I love the mystery of them, like new relationships.


The other thing about new things is that new things don't have to be new as in “just made” or “never used.” It can be what is new to you, like an antique.


Yet when I think about this coffee shop that I am sitting in and enjoying very much, I think of the owners of this new place. This is their very first coffee shop. To accomplish this they had to invest and buy an old run-down building and renovate it. They had to pick out décor, hire and train new employees, on and on the list must go when opening a place like this. Then I think of all the risk, challenge and faith it must have taken to make all this come to pass. Now some months later, I sit here in their new place enjoying it. It made me think, “How many new things do we take a pass on because we are scared away by the risk, challenge and faith required to see it all come to pass?”


We are considering several new things as a church in 2014. May we not shrink back from them, for if we will step out and persevere, someday someone will sit and enjoy what we risked just as I am sitting and enjoying this coffee shop.


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