new perspective

A fresh new perspective is one of those things that can really spice up our lives
and make for a refreshed view of life. Today was a couple of firsts for me. I normally
study at one of four coffee shops. Today I drove downtown Tacoma and found a
new place to study, and no it was not a Starbucks. As soon as I went into the
coffee shop the newness of the place caused me to be a little more aware of my
surroundings, which caused me to once again be grateful that I get to do this
for a living! To top it off, my friend Cindy walked in to get some lunch as she
works right next door—a nice unexpected surprise.

The reason I went downtown was to meet a new friend of mine, Eric, for lunch. I
normally don't meet anyone for lunch on Thursdays as it is study day, but not only
did I enjoy getting to know Eric better, I was able to eat at a new restaurant.
Changing my pattern and schedule was far from a distraction to my study day
today; it completely refreshed me.

Let me encourage you to occasionally shake up your schedule and change your
pattern. It can refresh your work, your relationships, your outlook, and give
you some new perspective.

By the way, the coffee shop is called the Rain City Café; check it out.



Posted by Pennie Breadmore on April 12, 2013
I am leaving for New Mexico for a new perspective... a refresher, change of pace.
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