For the last three years Annette and I struggled with a leaky outdoor faucet. The older it got, the harder we had to wrench down on the handle to get the water to stop running. It eventually became so difficult to tighten that neither of us could get it to shut off completely. So, we took the faucet apart and brought it to McClendon's where a plumber there showed us how to replace a part inside the workings of the faucet. It worked! We basically gave the old faucet an internal renovation. Well, time passed and it started again so we did what we knew to do. We went back to McClendon's and made the same repair to the old faucet. After the Winter passed we used the faucet this Spring and wouldn't you know it there it was again; drip, drip, drip. We realized that we probably needed a little more expert help so we called a plumber. He came out and sure enough, he discovered that we needed a whole new faucet, not just a repair. Not only that, he discovered that the original faucet was not actually placed in our wall correctly. He had to cut into the wall and replace not only the faucet but the connection as well.

The story of our leaky faucet is not dissimilar to our salvation through Jesus Christ. Our lives were leaking and no matter how hard we tried we couldn't shut off the leak. Drip, drip, drip. We tried many attempts to renovate and remodel our lives and the changes seemed to work for awhile but each attempt to change lasted for shorter and shorter periods. Eventually we realized we needed to be Brand New. All of a sudden, Jesus' words about being Born Again made sense to us.

This Easter let's remember that Jesus Died to make All Things New.


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