I had reason lately to feel nervous or maybe even anxious. Feelings of nervousness or anxiety can come upon us for many reasons, and all kinds of circumstances can be the sponsors of those emotions. An amusement ride, a visit to a doctor or dentist, an unfamiliar gathering of people, an exam, an interview, public speaking, competition of some sort, going on a date, asking someone to marry you, etc. etc.
Yes, there are many opportunities in life to feel nervous or anxious. In the end, I personally believe the core reason we end up feeling nervous or anxious is because we are dealing with a situation or outcome that is out of our control. These feelings of nervousness can be temporary and last only a few moments, which is almost silly. We can later laugh about them with friends. However, they can also be debilitating, causing us to be virtually paralyzed by that moment. Those feelings can stay with us long after the event is over, to the point of making us still shudder inside when we think of it.
Now, many of us are familiar with Jesus' words in Matthew 6:35, " not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself."  And the Apostle Paul, who was in many anxious situations, says in Philippians 4:6, " not be anxious about anything...". So, the challenge is simple; we WILL get ourselves into moments that make us nervous, but we need to choose to not be paralyzed by them. Seize those moments! They are a great sign that you are alive and you have not stopped experiencing life and growth.