So I was sitting in a Starbucks the other day racking my brain, trying to figure out my sermon, and was starting to feel the pressure and stress of making sure I was hearing right from God. I was listening to music, reading dozens of scriptures, and cross checking my thoughts with some commentaries, and in this case I was not having any fun because the message just seemed to come so slowly. Normally when I am studying I am having a great time worshipping and reading and writing. On this day it was not working. As I was stumped and frustrated staring out at the other people reading, carrying on conversations and so on, I became aware of two little girls who I would say were around 3 or 4 years old, playing rather loudly while their mothers were chatting right by them. The little girls had nothing to entertain them except 3 or 4 napkins apiece. They had opened up the napkins and were wearing them on their heads and twirling around and tossing them into the air while they danced and giggled. I at first thought that the moms needed to get their daughters under control, but then noticed the fun they were having and the struggle I was having, and realized that we as adults have an uncanny ability to make the things we should enjoy most (like studying the Bible, listening to good music, drinking great coffee) hard and frustrating. At that point the little girls preached a great sermon to me. I went to get a coffee refill and relaxed and enjoyed the process.
There are sermons being preached all around us every day if we are willing to notice.
Have a great day and go play with some napkins.