my son

My son turned 21 last week. The statement in itself is just a fact, a natural fact that everyone grows older every day. Yet, when accompanied with memories, experiences, love and identity that a simple, factually true statement, "My son turned 21 last week," carries a deep sense of joy, pride, sadness and anxiety. It is what makes us human and can make a grown man in his middle forties tear up while sitting in a Starbucks drinking a great cup of coffee, doing what he loves to do. For those of you out there that are now embarrassed for me -thank you, because yes it was obvious enough that I think at least one person noticed my moist eyes as I scurried to the napkin dispenser to wipe my eyes. And yes, I was a little embarrassed and glad to be so because it is at those moments when we are feeling all of those things at one time that we know we are alive and have people in our lives that we love.
So when you tear up over something like I described, let it happen and rejoice because you are alive.